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Photo Guidelines

  1. No photos of kids on their own. Kids must be in the photo with an adult, and fully clothed.

  2. Caricatures, drawings or other illustrations will not be accepted. Also do not send images that feature celebrities, cartoon characters or other copyrighted work.

  3. No pictures in underwear.

  4. No shirtless/underwear mirror selfies.

  5. Face must be clearly visible in all photos.

  6. No pornographic material.

  7. No graphic hunting photos.

  8. No depictions of criminal activity or drug use.

  9. No shirtless photos out of context (shirtless on a beach is okay, but not in your bathroom)

  10. No bikinis or swimwear out of context (outside is okay, but not inside)

  11. No images that contain overlaid text or watermarks.

  12. No blank photos / photos that do not contain any content.

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