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How it works

Women 5'8"+ and men 6'0"+ join as "Members." Shorter users interested in "dating-up" can join as Guests. Members can match with other Members or with Guests.

Is there height-verification?

Yes, there is optional height verification for all users. It's completely optional, only takes a few seconds, and generally leads to more matches. 

What is the Mission of DateUp?

DateUp’s mission is to provide the best dating experience for tall women. 

What problems do tall women encounter while dating?

Many tall women face unique challenges when dating. Particularly, it can be difficult for tall women to find other tall men, or shorter men that are comfortable with dating-up.

This is why DateUp was designed to offer a safe-place for tall people to find height-compatible matches with other tall people nearby, or with shorter people that specifically want to date-up.

Are different sexual orientations supported?

Yes, DateUp supports supports and works identically for gay and straight matchmaking.

Who can match with who?

A Member can match with other Members (tall seeking tall). Members can also match with Guests (shorter seeking tall). The only other groups that cannot match with each other are Guests, since that already makes up the majority of most matches on other dating apps.

Where did the idea of DateUp come from?

The founder, James Valladares, comes from a very tall family. The idea of DateUp was sparked by hearing his grandparents’ story recalling how they first met each other through an exclusive dating club for tall people in the 50s.

The team at DateUp has expanded on this spark with research conducted that uncovered several key findings which were key in the designs of the app. 

App Screenshots

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